If you are affected by the “Muslim Ban” please fill out our intake form.  We are exploring legal options, setting up meetings with congressional representatives, and connecting affected families with media outlets who want to tell their stories.

File an Incident Report

For any discrimination issues other than the travel ban, please use our standard incident report to request legal assistance.

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cair-small-logo  Whether you are a Muslim, interfaith friend, or fellow civil rights activist, signing up for a CAIR membership is a direct act of defiance against the bigotry and oppression demonstrated by the current administration.  If the Muslim community is denied their basic Constitutional and human rights, then NONE of us are truly free.

Joining our “Muslim Registry” by becoming a member highlights the best of what humanity will do to oppose the worst of what humanity is capable of.  Click below to become a member today!

Outreach & Education

We educate our community through various workshops, educate others about Islam, and reach out and build coalitions with other groups.

Legal & Policy Work

We combat discrimination through litigation, negotiation, policy advocacy & education. We meet regularly with community partners and government agencies to advocate against hate and discrimination in our communities.

Media Relations

We work to present a positive image of Islam & Muslims in the media, monitor the media for bias and inaccuracy, and provide training for journalists who want to be more sensitive in their reporting.

Legal Work
Outreach & Education
Media Relations




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